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It's an exciting summer for sport this year!

First up, we have the Euros kicking off on June 10th, closely followed by England's first game against Russia on the 11th to look forward to. A few of our summer days and evenings will be spent cheering our country on from the comfort of our own homes... well, depending on how far they manage to get!

After all the football excitement, Olympics fever will sweep the nation and between the 5th and 21st of August, we have some exciting races and competitions to witness over in Rio. Seb Coe is predicting that records will be broken, so the Olympic and Paralympic games is set for some exciting days involving Team GB.

With all this sport around, it's a fantastic opportunity to get your kids out in the sunshine and involved in some new activities. You don't have to spend a fortune on lessons and classes to get your children active though. With so much going on, it's easy to get them interested in the great outdoors by getting their friends together in the garden or down in the park, and setting up your own games and tournaments.

We've come up with a few fun ideas to fill the summer days with this year, whilst helping to keep your children fit and active:


If your little ones love football, they're probably kicking a ball about in the garden or in the street with their friends at any given opportunity. This summer, try to make a day of their love for football by getting their friends together in a local park or playing field and hosting your own Euros-inspired mini tournament.

Invite all the children's parents along as it's a great way to get to know them better too, especially if your child hasn't been in school for long and you've been looking at ways to get parents together for more than a quick 'hello' in the playground.

You could even set up a little picnic or BBQ and get everyone to bring an offering!

This Kickmaster Football Challenge Set is a perfect touch to amuse any children not involved in the main game, as they can practise their shots and warm up to take over.


If you think you have a potential Andy Murray on your hands, why not try them out with a few games of tennis. Tennis lessons can be very expensive and you may not have the means to support this, but it can be cheap to hire a tennis court for a couple of hours through your local sports club or leisure centre.

Practice makes perfect, and it's a great sport to play for numerous reasons. Doctors and scientists cite it as one of the healthiest activities that you can participate in as it delivers overall physical, mental and emotional gains. It also engages your mind and body at the same time, making tennis plays happy and confident.

Tennis is a sport that the whole family can enjoy, and participents, especially youngsters, develop a great work ethic, enhance discipline, cope with pressure, manage mistakes and accept responsibility, in a social environment whilst keeping fit and healthy.

You can also practise your skills in the garden with Boom Bats, which are a fun alternative to tennis whilst still developing hand-eye coordination on the go. These can be taken to the park or beach, and can be enjoyed in the garden at any time. 


Cricket is a great sport to get your children playing for many reasons. Cricket in general is a very respectful sport, teaching them the importance of discipline and respect for authority. It also teaches them the importance of self-reliance and practice, as although it's a team sport, each player takes an individual responsibility too.

Cricket is a game that can be played anywhere, whether on a field with friends, on the beach with your family or in the garden on a sunny day, and this lightweight set is perfect for travelling.

Water Fights

During the summer months when the weather warms up, water fights are something that many kids love to partake in. Although not really a sport, water fights are a great form of exercise for children as they run around so much chasing each other and hiding from any potential threats.

Make water fights that little more special with a catapult, water blaster, balloon launcher and water pistols.

Baseball and Rounders

Another brilliant team sport for children to get involved in is rounders or baseball as anyone can play together, no matter their ability or age.

This baseball set is lightweight so is easy to carry around with you to the park or beach.

This summer, embrace the sport that will be all around us. Get the whole family involved with getting fit and healthy and enjoying the weather!